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Find A Baas is the first place to look when you need to find a local handy-man, plumber, electrician, mason or carpenter in your area. We have compiled the most comprehensive list ever of builders and contractors in Sri Lanka, and because this is a free to use service you can also add your own Baas’ to our list and review the ones you use so that others can enjoy the same level of expertise.

You can browse by the complete listing or by type, such as carpenter, mason, plumber etc. Look for the icon that represents what you’re looking for.



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So if you know of a Baas who you’d like to┬árecommend┬áthen simply click the ‘Add-A-Baas’ link on right hand side of any page, and the simple step-by-step process will have you finished in no time. Similarly, if you have used one of the Baas’ listed here, why not take five minutes to write a quite review so that others can benefit too?