Maintenance Services Colombo
Maintenance Issue? We Can Help!
An urgent maintenance issue is one that that could cause significant property damage or poses a serious danger to a person’s safety or security.
• Suspected natural gas leak
• Broken fire alarm or smoke detector
• Broken window glass
• Apartment telephone issue
• Burned out lighting
• Plumbing fixture problems
• Minor water leak
• Broken window or window screen
• Damaged furniture
• Air conditioning problems
We provide high-quality and affordable home maintenance from roof repair to flooring.

Our services cover both interior and exterior areas. I offer the following services:

* Plumbing
* Electrical
* Painting
* Drywall
* Doors and window installation and repairs
* Door locks rekeying, installation and repairs
* foam roof repair
* Power washing
* Elastomeric sealants
* Garage floor epoxy
* Furniture repair
* water heater replacement and much more
We have a team of licensed handymen. We are insured with commercial business and auto policies.

“We do guarantee our work.”
We can schedule an appointment at your convenient time for inspection and our men will mention the price it’s going to cost to finish the work. If it’s a major work we will provide you a quotation if you require so. Please don’t forget to mention exact details of the problems. The convenient time you are comfortable with. Any further details relevant etc.
Thank you

Mobile: 077 3484631

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