House wiring is a major concerned area when engaged in house constructions and industrial constructions. Optimization of house wiring designing drives to have cost reductions. An optimized house wiring plan can result in cost savings with the best use of wires and MCBs which is costly. Many electricians lack knowledge about how to optimize a wiring, why are they using MCB (Breakers), ELCB (Trip Switch) etc.. Only electrical engineers does. Most of the installations they carry out are wrong. At the end of the day results become melting of wires, frequent breakdown of switches and more adversely an individual becoming a victim of an electrical hazard.

Our company electricians do electrical installation under the guidance of an Electrical Engineer passed out from government university. They do optimize your house wiring and reduce cost under the supervision of the electrical engineer. No additional cost for the designing by engineers. We do single phase installations, three phase installations, capacitor bank designing and installation.

We do wiring to modern concepts which will be classy and easier to your day today lifestyle. We design and place plugs at needed points only, because we think that drawing extension codes over floor will ruin your home beauty.

We can guarantee that we reduce your house wiring cost than any electricians does.

Call us now. We’ll visit your premises and give a free quotation for the job or you can visit our office and get a free quotation.

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